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The world has experienced tens of thousands of deaths, a dramatic shift in supply shortages, an economic slowdown, and ongoing mental tiredness since the pandemic. Even today, people still worry about whether their Covid 19 tests will be positive. Worse, other health issues have developed concurrently with the pandemic. Will we ever be able to escape this unbearable sensation?


What is INFECTED Book?

During the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of people were affected, but the book can actually provide a lot of relief for you and your family. While the INFECTED book does not make you a superhero, you will learn some tips and tricks from it's creators that can help your loved ones avoid a trip to the emergency room.

The INFECTED book has been around for a few years, and it is still being updated. This book will definitely teach you the right information to keep your immune system strong and healthy for years to come. The book is also a great reference tool for those who are not medically inclined. It is easy to read and provides plenty of references to other informational gems. The INFECTED book is a must have for anyone who enjoys health and wellness. The book will teach you all you need to know about infections, their symptoms, treatments, and prevention. This book is a must have for anyone who wants to get their health back on track.

The book does have a few glaring omissions. It's too bad this book is only available in digital form. The only way to really know if this book is for you is to give it a go.

Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest by Ralph La Guardia M.D

Among his many medical responsibilities, Dr. LaGuardia also takes part in permaculture on his Connecticut farm and is a triple specialist in internal medicine, bariatrics, and geriatrics. He is in network with Medicare and is the newest addition to Windham Hospital's team.
There are hundreds of books on the market. However, few are prepared to tell you the sexiest or most efficient way to combat a medical emergency. In the name of medical etiquette, it is best to know what's in your prescription bottle. Thankfully, this book does the leg work for you and gives you the info on the proper dos and don'ts for the most common ailments.
What is the Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest all about? Well, it is a 910-page prepper medical guide. It covers everything from growing the tastiest fruits and veggies to which spices control blood sugar. You'll also find the answer to the question, "What's in my medicine cabinet?" It's also a great resource for learning about traditional medicine.
The book is designed to help you survive a disaster, but it's got a few more practical tips. The book includes a single seed that may protect your brain. It also has a handy index of all the things. This is where you can learn the true cost of common medications.

Does INFECTED include any bonuses?

Yes, with each INFECTED book, individuals will receive the following bonuses:

Bonus Gift #1. The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest


The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest is a guide that provides details on how to treat oneself and loved ones through traditional medicine. This covers techniques for cultivating the healthiest foods, essential spices that control blood sugar, and practically every sickness, injury, and condition that can be treated naturally. It also includes a single seed that may protect the brain. Ralph La Guardia claims to have spent much time laying the foundation.

Bonus Gift #2. The Prepper’s Guide to Essential Oils


The Prepper Essential Oils Guide aims to educate readers about the benefits of switching from antibiotics to essential oils. The specialist claims that essential oils have the power to cure bacterial diseases (e.g., fungi Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, and parasitic infections). This information will be practical the next time a pandemic occurs.

Bonus Gift #3. Home Defense Hacks


Violent crime has progressively increased in the United States after COVID-19, primarily in urban areas. If the economy continues to deteriorate, crime rates will continue to rise. Through the Home Defense Hacks book, people will mostly learn how to rapidly and affordably fortify a home to deter burglars from entering. Ralph La Guardia agrees that the SWAT technique can be used to determine whether an intruder has broken in.

Bonus #4. Grocery Store Loopholes


The following resource shows 11 various ways people can save money on food. The fact that Grocery Store Loopholes also provides a 12-month calendar that lists the optimum times to stock up on a seasonal basis piqued the interest of our editorial team. Ralph La Guardia is confident that the savings made possible by this bonus significantly outweigh the price of an INFECTED copy.

What are the takeaways of the INFECTED Book?

Inside the INFECTED guide, individuals will unearth:

  • The one thing that must be avoided if you have a fever
  • Why the symptoms from May to September are not flu-like 
  • s.Ralph La Guardia M.D.’s personal COVID-19 procedure
  • Why is the flu virus coming from Asia, and where do drug-resistant superbugs emerge from?
  • Multivitamin inadequacies and a vital component that is absent
  • The inadequacies of multivitamins and a vital component they are lacking
  • Prescription and OTC medications are known to destroy immunity
  • What persons with cancer are virtually usually weak in
  • What is a “antioxidant cascade,” and why is it crucial
  • Foods that promote immunity and help keep individuals healthy
  • Which is the difference between upper and lower airway infections

100% Back Money Back Triple Guarantee


Ralph La Guardia concluded that a lifetime money-back guarantee would be the best way to safeguard INFECTED purchases. Yes, the many information sources discussed in this review are entirely risk-free. A contact form must be filled out if you want further information on the return policy or any of the assembled materials by sending an email to:


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